Garage Repair Shop Insurance

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Garage repair shop insurance helps keep your business running.

Help safeguard your business with garage repair shop insurance.

Get insurance that’s as unique as the vehicles you work on.

Garage repair shops face high financial risks simply because of the nature of the business. As useful as standard business insurance policies may be, they aren’t always adequate for the specific risks that a garage repair shop faces. A specialty insurance policy can protect your garage repair shop from potentially devastating financial losses.

Different risks than most other businesses.

At the simplest level, you need to be protected against damage to customer vehicles stored on your premises, whether it is from fire, vandalism, theft, or other hazards. You might only be doing something as simple as an oil change for a car, but if you have to spend tens of thousands replacing it, the effects could cripple your business.

What is Garagekeeper liability insurance?

Garagekeeper liability insurance helps protect your customers’ vehicles under your care, custody, and control if they are damaged due to negligence.

What types of specialty coverage can be added?

Depending on the operations of your repair shop you may want to consider coverage options such as body shop, repair shop, muffler shop, transmission repair, and tow truck insurance.

Protection from claims of faulty repairs.

You should also consider professional liability coverage that protects you against claims for damage to a car caused by mistakes and/or omissions by your staff. In extreme circumstances, this could include not just the cost of fixing the flawed repairs, but also costs that arise from a crash that’s blamed on the faulty repair.

Coverage for your garage and lost income.

Remember to also look for coverage for lost income. If you have a fire break out at your garage, it’s not much use having an insurer pay all the costs of rebuilding the workshop if you lose all your customers in the meantime and your cash flow is irretrievably damaged. Having coverage for lost income may help your business survive a devastating loss so you can carry on.

Are you looking for garage repair shop insurance to help safeguard your business and your investment? Contact us to go over your coverage needs and options.

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