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Adventure and entertainment insurance covers your business while you bring the fun.

No matter the activities you offer, your business has unique risks that adventure and entertainment insurance can help cover.

Protect your business from the risks you face.

Your adventure and entertainment business can take many different forms, but there’s one thing your business is sure to have—risk. Consider adventure and entertainment insurance that offers coverage for your operation’s unique needs.

You try your best, but sometimes accidents happen.

Protecting your participants is important to your business, which is why you have all your safety measures in place, but sometimes accidents happen. From heights to whitewater rapids to creepy crawlies lurking in the trees, there are a number of ways your visitors could get hurt. Participant injury insurance can help your adventure and entertainment business cover costs associated with accidents and injuries that happen during your activities.

If you rent out equipment, you may need specific insurance.

Not many people own an ATV, kayak, bicycle, or paddleboard, just to name a few of the items required to experience the fun at your adventure and entertainment business. That’s why you offer to rent them out, but in doing so, you open your equipment up to the possibility of damage or loss. If you want to make sure your equipment is covered when you rent it out, you’ll want to consider renters liability insurance. Here are some examples of businesses that may benefit from an adventure and entertainment insurance policy:

  • Adventure Park
  • Amusement Park
  • Family Entertainment Center
  • Theme Park
  • Water Park

Your business is at the mercy of Mother Nature.

When you run an adventure and entertainment business, more often than not, you’re at the mercy of the elements. All it takes is one powerful flood or strong windstorm to put you out of business for hours, days, or even weeks. What happens next depends on your insurance coverage. If you have business interruption insurance, your coverage may be able to cover revenue lost during your period of shutdown, keeping you and your employees afloat during your downtime./p>

Don’t forget the standard business coverages.

There are some business insurance products you’ll likely need, regardless of your industry. Commercial umbrella insurance offers protection beyond the limits of some of your other policies. Workers’ compensation insurance is often a legal requirement and helps cover your employees if they’re hurt while on the job. A cyber liability insurance policy offers protection against the financial losses associated with data breaches.

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