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Starting a new business? Kelly Glass Insurance Inc. has you covered. We know insurance lingo can be a bit confusing, so we will always go over your policy and make sure that you understand what everything means and exactly what is covered if you need to file a claim. You can make an appointment in our office, which is located at 731 E Cumberland St, or you can speak with us over the phone at (717) 272-2242. Just one of the many ways we are Focusing on You.

About our Business Insurance

If you’re opening a new business and money is tight, having some type of business insurance is crucial. Kelly Glass Insurance Inc. offers a variety of protective solutions such as property insurance, general liability, and commercial auto. While a basic plan may cover you for a while, we will review your business needs on a regular basis and make recommendations as you expand and add employees.

We pride ourselves in offering customizable policies to fit every business’s needs, which is why we will ask you a number of different questions. Kelly Glass Insurance Inc. will discuss the location of your business, how you operate your company, if you have any employees, the stability of your business, and what you expect for future revenues. Depending on your particular situation, you may also be asked about contractual agreements, specific employee information, prior loss details, and building details. Our goal is to make sure you are properly protected against loss without adding a financial strain to your bottom line.

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